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He watched the killer bury another man in the backyard. The boy still hadn’t gotten used to the sight. He stabbed at the dirt with the rusted spade until the pile had dissipated and the hole could be flattened over. …

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A week ago I discovered that my wife was having an affair with her coworker, Anson. According to their texts, the nights that she was “staying at the office to catch up on work” were actually the nights that they’d spend screwing each other and laughing at how much of…

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Night 1

Evan couldn’t remember the last time he had slept alone. He felt free, but more so an unfamiliar sense of isolation and dread. The sultry air drifted through the open bedroom door and out into the hallway as he gator rolled his body against the springs of the unframed mattress…

Photo by Roberto Nickson from Pexels

Camping alone for the first time made Jackson realize that you never outgrow your fear of the darkness.

He sat on a canvas stool, hunched over a crackling fire as it cast dancing figures against the surrounding trees. The sky above was overrun by an endless sprawl of branches —…

Joseph Davis

Daytime copywriter, fiction enthusiast.

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