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Bang! Bang! Bang!


Bang! Bang! Bang!

The pounding metal thunders through my ceiling and shakes a handful of lead chips off my wall. This ends tonight.

I step into the night and drag my feet up to the third floor. The cold air pollutes my lungs.

I consider gently knocking on D305’s door, but the thought quickly dissipates. I make a tight fist and emulate his cacophony.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Hello?” I call out. Still Nothing.

I consider heading back to my bedroom, but curiosity wraps its cold fingers around my head and pulls me into the darkness. The moon’s rays creep through the blinds, illuminating the empty studio apartment.

There’s no one here. No decorations. No furniture. No nothing. Just dust, a thick rug and a pungent smell.

A jolt of fear runs up my spine as the apartment door slams shut and the click of the lock fills the silent air.

The moonlight suddenly vanishes and a stranger’s voice enters the room.


Daytime copywriter, fiction enthusiast.

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